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La-liga Predictions

Spanish La liga Football Predictions.

History of the famous spanish competition

Spanish la liga predictions

La liga, currently called La liga Santader because of sponsorship deal with Santander is originally called Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, it's the men's top division in spain.

Just like the English premier league , La Liga Santander is contested by 20 teams, with the bottom three relegated to the segunda division and the top three teams from that division replacing them.

So far a total of sixty-six (66) teams have participated in the competition but only nine (9) teams have been able to win the price, Galatico's Real Madrid has won it a record thirty-three (33) times while arch rivals Barcelona have claimed it twenty-two (22) times, other winners includes Athletic Bilbao, Real Betis, Valencia, Sevilla, Deportivo La Coruña, Athletico Madrid and Real Sociedad.

The trophy has been won by a team from madrid the most times with Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid lifting the trophy for a joint fourty-three (43) times.

Total Titles won

Club Wins Runners-up
Real Madrid Thirty-three (33) Twenty-three (23)
Barcelona Twenty-five(25) Twenty-five(25)
Athletico Madrid Ten (10) Nine(9)
Athletic Bilbao Eight (8) Seven (7)
Valenica Six (6) Six (6)
Real Sociedad Two (3) Three (3)
Deportivo La Coruña One (1) Five (5)
Sevilla One (1) Four (4)
Real betis One (1) Nil (0)

Table rankings and tie break decider

In a case where there is a tie on points between two teams, the tie is decided using the goal difference in the head to head match beween both teams that season without away goal rule.

If the tie is between more than two teams, the following techniques are used in the following order;
head to head points,
head to head goal difference
Total goal difference.

If there's still a tie after deploying the above techniques, this could be resolved using
Total goal difference
Total goals scored

Going further if theres still yet to be a resolve the winner would be decided using Fair Play rules

Offence Point
Yellow card 1 point
Double yellow card/ ejection 2 points
Straight red card 3 Points
Suspension or disqualification of coach outside refree's decision 5 points
Misconduct of supporters --> Mild
Very serious
5 points
6 points
7 points
Stadium closure 10 points

After all these, if the competition is still not resolved it would be decided with a tie-break in a match played in a neutral stadium.

European Qualifications

The top four teams in the league qualifies for the subsequent Uefa Champions league Group stage.

The winner of the Champions league and Europa league also gets automatic qualification, if the winner of the Europa league and the champions league are both la liga teams then the 4th place team won't qualify becuase according to Uefa rules a maximum of 5 teams can qualify for the Champions league.

The 5th place team qualifies for the Europa league.

The winner of the Copa del Rey also qualifies for Europa league but if the winner of the copa del Rey is in the top 5 then the 6th place team gets the slot

Spain is currently ranking 1st in UEFA co-efficeint ranking been the most successful league in Europa in the past five years.

2018 ranking of nations by their UEFA coefficient (Top 10 Nations)

Rank League Coefieceint Places in the Champions Leauge Places in the Europa league
Group stage Qualifiers Group stage Qualifiers
1 Spain 106,998 4 _ 2 1
2 England 79,605 4 _ 2 1
3 Italy 76,294 4 _ 2 1
4 Germany 71,427 4 _ 2 1
5 France 56,415 2 1 2 1
6 Russia 53,382 2 1 1 1
7 Portugal 47,248 1 1 1 2
8 Ukraine 41,133 1 1 1 2
9 Belgium 38,500 1 1 1 2
10 Turkey 35,800 1 1 1 2

Foundation of La liga

José María Acha who was a Director at Arenas Club de Getxo in the year 1927 propsed a national league for the country, after much delibration the football governing body Real Federación Española de Fútbol agreed on ten teams to participate in the competition.

In the year 1929 the league kicked off with six (6) previous Cope del Rey winners Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club de Getxo and Real Unión were the first to be selected, to complete the list previous runners up Atletico Madrid, Espanyol and Europa were included while Racing Santander qualified through knockout competition.

Till date only three of the founding clubs have never been relegated from the league, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletic Bilbao

Barcelona were the very first team to win the league title.

Era of Dominance

Athletic Bilbao 1930's

Despite Barcelona winning the title for the first season, it was Atletic bilbao then known as Betis Balompié who were early pace setters, clamining the crown for four seasons and were also runners up in two seasons withing 1930-1939

During the Civil war, the league was suspended.

In 1937 Barcleona participate in the Mediterranean League and emerged as champions.

Valencia Barcelona and Atletico Madrid 1940's

After the civil war it was Atletico Madrid then known as Atlético Aviación, Barcelona and Valencia who were the top teams.

Atletico replaced Real Oviedo in the 1939-1940 season due to Oviedo's ground been damaged during the war

Some of the league's players did serve in the war, some were exiled, some executed while others were missing

Atletico won and retained the league, also finished as runners up in two seasons in this era

Valencia with a very young squad won the title three times and finished as runners up on two occasions

Sevilla also finished as runners up on two occasions and won their only league title in the year 1946.

Barcelona who didn't start the decate on a high finished it winnning three league titles and finishing as runners up on two occasions

Josep Samitier who score 333 career goals was the first person to win the league as a player and as a manager, he achieved this with Barcelona in the year 1945.

Barcelona and Real Madrid 1950's

Atletico Madrid did clinch the first two leagues this decade before Barcelona took over

Barcelona won the title the following two seasons and made history by winning 5 trophies in one season in the year 1952, after archieving this they were named L’equip de les cinc Copes

Real Madrid won the league four times in five years between 1954-1959 with bilbao claiming a title in between.

At the end, Real Madrid and Barcelona both had four league title's while Bilbao and Atletco Madrid got one each.