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why premier league is most powerful in the world

3 Reasons Why the Premier League Is the Most Powerful League in the world

Despite getting stiff competition from other European top leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, the English Premier League remains the most powerful league in the world. In previous seasons English Premier League clubs have been performing well in the European competition. However, many soccer pundits believe that the league lacks quality and term the football “uncultured.” Even though there is an influx of foreign players and billionaire owners, the national team has been performing poorly. Here are three reasons why the EPL remains powerful:

It Is the Most-Watched League in the World

The one thing that makes the English Premier League powerful is that it is the most-watched league in the world. It is reported that the EPL is watched by more than 600 million people spread over approximately 200 countries. Punters on Betway around the world eagerly wait to watch the matches.

Furthermore, the revenue generated from overseas broadcast rights are massive. What makes it unique is the fact that the income is distributed collectively among the 20 clubs. What makes the EPL to be watched by many football fans worldwide is its depth, quality, and entertainment that is unmatched in the world of football.

Competitiveness of the League

If you check all the other European Leagues predicting the winner would not give a punter on Betway much of a headache. However, in the EPL, up to six clubs have a chance to win the league. This season, there is a new entrant in the fight for the top position in Everton. The current league leaders are doing well under coach Carlo Ancelotti. It is still hard to predict who the favorites are with five matches played, making it more interesting.

In other leagues like the La Liga, it’s usually a battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid. In France, it is almost certain PSG will win it again while in Italy, the other teams look far behind current champions Juventus. It’s only in the EPL that up to four teams usually have a chance of winning the league. This season, clubs have recruited heavily in the transfer market, making the competition even stiffer.

The top clubs have also attracted some of the most experienced coaches globally, with the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, and Carlo Ancellotti, all in the league. No other league in the world has attracted many high caliber coaches.

The History

It is an open secret that the English invented modern-day football and later exported it to other nations worldwide. What started as a simple game has turned out to be a beautiful game that ignites emotions worldwide. Even in the betting sites like Betway, the EPL attracts many punters due to its attractiveness.

As a result, every player dreams of playing in the EPL, which is regarded as the greatest sport in England. The rich history of football in England also makes the atmosphere in the stadia very electric. Being the inventors of modern-day football makes England the de facto headquarters of football hence its influence.